How to join Bristol Cruising Club

To join Bristol Cruising Club as a Full/Family Member please complete this application form and come along to our next General Meeting (held onboard Sabrina 6 on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8.30pm). Before the meeting starts you should make yourself known to our Membership Secretary, who will have your application form with them, our doors and bar will be open from 7.30pm.  Then you'll be proposed and seconded by an existing full member and you must pay for your membership at the same time. Although we don't currently take online payments, you can pay by BACS, Cheque, Card or Cash (details here).

You then need to attend in full a second General Meeting before your application is sent to our Committee.

You can also join Bristol Cruising Club as an Associate Member by purchasing Associate Membership from the bar onboard Sabrina 6.

Looking to activate your Associate Membership?

If you've purchased Associate Membership from the bar whilst onboard Sabrina 6 you can complete your purchase and activate your membership

Full/Family Membership Application Form

Before you provide your answers, you may find it useful to ascertain the length and beam of your boat if you aren't familiar with them. Please enter your measurements in metres.
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All applications to join Bristol Cruising Club will be posted on board Sabrina 6 for at least 14 days before going to the Committee for consideration.

Your answers are encrypted between your browser and our servers, and are then sent to our Membership Secretary via a password protected .pdf file. You can download a .pdf copy of our application form here. If you complete an application form by hand please ensure your handwriting is clearly legible and in block capitals or your application may be delayed or returned.

** A club pontoon mooring is not guaranteed with any membership. Mooring applications can only be made once you have attended two General Meetings and your membership application has been approved by the committee (i.e. when you have become a full member), and only then at a subsequent general meeting in person to our Mooring Officer. All mooring applications remain at the discretion of the Harbour Master and you may be asked to attend an interview in person with them at their office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Bristol Cruising Club part way through the year?

Our membership year for all membership levels runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

You can join as a full/family member part way through the year for a reduced fee (Part-year discount). If you join between the 1st of June and the 31st of October the fee will be reduced to £50 and if you renew the following year you'll pay the full amount (currently £80). If you join from the 1st of November you'll pay the full amount (currently £80) and your membership will run for the remainder of the current year and the whole of the following year.

If you join as an associate member from the 1st of November your membership will run for the remainder of the current year and the whole of the following year. There is no part-year discount for associate membership renewal or associate members joining between the 1st of January and the 31st of October.

Can I hire your clubhouse Sabrina 6?

Yes, our clubhouse is available to hire for your event. We're working on an online enquiry/booking system. In the meantime to hire Sabrina 6 for your event please contact us

Can I bring guests to the clubhouse?

Yes, we welcome guest to our clubhouse.  Guests must accompany a full/family member who will sign them into the clubhouse. There is a £2 charge per guest payable at the bar.

Do you have club moorings?

We have 61 individual and shared finger type moorings on private floating pontoons accessed by security coded gate. These mooring are offered on a first come first served basis to full/family members.

How do I get a club mooring?

You must be a fully paid up full/family member of Bristol Cruising Club in order to apply for a mooring on our pontoons. You must apply in person to our Mooring Officer, who will ask at each general meeting (held onboard Sabrina 6 on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8.30pm) if there are any members requiring moorings.

How much discount will I get off my mooring fee?

From the 1st April 2023 Bristol City Council removed any club discount for all club members.

Can I hire Sabrina 6 for harbour tours?

Unfortunately you can not hire Sabrina 6 for harbour tours as she is unpowered and on a fixed mooring.

I've been told my membership has lapsed, what does that mean?

Our membership year runs from the 1st of January to the 31st of December, and if you wish to renew your membership you should do so by the 1st of January.
We do however, as outlined by our club constitution,  allow until the end of the March general meeting for you to renew, however if you have not done so by then, your membership is deemed to have lapsed. Once lapsed, should you wish to use our clubhouse, attend events or vote at our AGM, you'll need to rejoin as if you were a new member.  You'll also need to apply for mooring on our pontoons again, which may involve you joining a waiting list.

Being a lapsed member and keeping your boat on our club pontoons could have serious consequences for you. If you do not remove your boat immediately you could become at risk of having it impounded by the Harbour Authority.

My membership has lapsed, is it too late to renew my membership or do I have to rejoin as a new member?

Yes, unfortunately if your membership (full/family or associate) has lapsed you'll need to rejoin as a new member. You'll be able to do this online, and if your membership lapsed within 60 days of the March general meeting then you can still login to our Member Area on our website to let our Membership Secretary know that you'd like to rejoin. If you're applying more than 60 days past the March general meeting you'll need to complete a new application form.

Is Bristol Cruising Club run by a committee?

Yes, you can see our committee members here

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