How to join Bristol Cruising Club

To join Bristol Cruising Club as a Full/Family Member please complete this application form and come along to our next General Meeting (held onboard Sabrina 6 on the 1st Tuesday of each month). At the meeting you should make yourself known to our Membership Secretary, who will have your application form with them.  Then you'll be proposed and seconded by an existing full member before paying the current joining fee*. You then need to attend in full a second General Meeting before your application is sent to our Committee.

You can also join Bristol Cruising Club as an Associate Member by purchasing Associate Membership from the bar onboard Sabrina 6.

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Membership Application Form

Before you provide your answers, you may find it useful to ascertain the length and beam of your boat if you aren't familiar with them. Please enter your measurements in metres.
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Looking to activate your Associate Membership?

If you've purchased Associate Membership from the bar whilst onboard Sabrina 6 you can complete your purchase and activate your membership

All applications to join Bristol Cruising Club will be posted on board Sabrina 6 for at least 14 days before going to the Committee for consideration.

Your answers are encrypted between your browser and our servers, and are then sent to our Membership Secretary via a password protected .pdf file. You can download a .pdf copy of our application form here. If you complete an application form by hand please ensure your handwriting is clearly legible and in block capitals or your application may be delayed or returned.

*  You can pay with cash, by cheque or by card. More details can be found here.
Currently you can not pay for membership online.

** A club pontoon mooring is not guaranteed with any membership. Mooring applications can only be made once you have attended two General Meetings and your membership application has been approved by the committee (i.e. when you have become a full member), and only then at a subsequent general meeting in person to our Mooring Officer. Discount may be available for other mooring locations within Bristol City Docks via Bristol Cruising Club if you have current and paid-up full/family membership. All mooring applications remain at the discretion of the Harbour Master and you may be asked to attend an interview in person with them at their office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I join part way through the year?

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How much discount will I get off my mooring fee?

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Can I bring guests to the club house?

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How do I get a mooring?

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